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FMGTEK 2021 - Çağrılı Konuşmacılar

Dr. Peter Tiernan
Lecturer & Researcher in Enterprise Education, Ireland
Keynote Title: Entrepreneurship in The Irish Education System
Dr. Peter Tiernan has worked for almost 15 years in third level education and research. He is the former Chair of the B.Sc. in Education and Training at Dublin City University and a member of the Further Education Research Centre (FETRC). Dr Tiernan is a member of the Campus Entrepreneurship Educators Network (CEEN) in Ireland which has developed national initiatives for entrepreneurship and enterprise education. These include the national Entrepreneurship Educators Programme, Digital Badge in Enterprise Education, and an online course for Enterprise Education managed by the National Forum for Teaching and Learning. Dr Tiernan has engaged in a range of Erasmus+ projects in the area of entrepreneurship and enterprise education, and actively publishes his work in this field.  

Prof. Dr. Muammer Çalık
Trabzon University, Faculty of Education, Turkey

Keynote Title: Clues for effective paper writing
Dr. Muammer Çalık was born in Kayseri,  graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Chemistry Teaching program in 2000. He completed his master's and doctorate degrees in Chemistry Education at the same university in 2003 and 2006, respectively. He received the title of Assistant Professor in 2007, Associate Professor in the field of Chemistry Education in 2009, and Professor in 2014. Çalık conducted post-doctoral research at Waikato University (New Zealand) and Western Michigan University (USA) within the scope of KTU BAP 05 projects in 2010 and TUBITAK 2229 projects in 2013. Dr. Çalık's main research areas are; conceptual understanding, conceptual change, material development, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis and teacher training. He has over a hundred articles, book chapters and papers on these subjects, mostly at international level. Dr. Çalık is married and has two children.

Prof. Dr. Sibel ERDURAN
University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Keynote Title: Future-Oriented Vision for Science Education Based on Epistemic Practices
Sibel Erduran is Professor of Science Education, Director of Research in the Department of Education and Fellow of St Cross College at University of Oxford, United Kingdom. She is also Professor II at University of Oslo, Norway. She serves as the President of the European Science Education Research Association; Editor-in-Chief of Science & Education and an Editor for International Journal of Science. Her work experience includes positions in the USA, Ireland as well as the UK. Her research interests focus on the infusion of epistemic practices of science in science education and she has a keen interest in the professional development of science teachers. Her work on argumentation has received international recognition through awards from NARST and EASE. She is currently working on the FEDORA (EU Horizon 2020) and SciKids (UAEU) Projects among others. Her recent books published in 2019 are entitled Argumentation in Chemistry Education: Research, Policy and Practice (Royal Society of Chemistry) and Transforming Teacher Education through the Epistemic Core of Chemistry: Empirical Evidence and Practical Strategies (Springer).  


Prof. Dr. Mehmet AYDENIZ
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Keynote Title: Addressing the Leadership Gap in STEM Education Reforms

Dr. Mehmet Aydeniz is a professor of STEM education at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His research has previously focused on engagement of k-12 students in epistemic practices of science and teacher self-efficacy for teaching the core practices of science; inquiry, argumentation and modeling. His current work focuses on conceptualization of STEM, school STEM culture and STEM leadership capacity in K-12 schools.

He is the author of the popular STEM education report, EĞİTİM SİSTEMİMİZ VE 21. YÜZYIL HAYALİMİZ: 2045 Hedeflerine İlerlerken, Türkiye için STEM Odaklı Ekonomik Bir Yol Haritası.

Prof. Dr. Tetsuo ISOZAKİ
Hiroshima University, Japan

Keynote Title: Several factors of successful science education in Japan
He received BSc from Waseda University, MEd from Kobe University, and PhD from Hiroshima University. He has researched science education in Japan and other countries, especially in the United Kingdom, with a comparative historical approach. His current research interests include teacher knowledge of science teachers, focusing on the nature of teacher knowledge and how it can be developed through lesson study. He has participated in both the in-house and open-house lesson studies of attached schools to our university, and given comments based on these research results. As the head of the committee, he has organized the Science Festival for younger people in Hiroshima to encourage them to pursue science and technology.