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FMGTEK 2021 - Bildiri Gönderim Kuralları

For abstract submission, first select the type (oral, research paper, round table). Meeting rooms for oral presentation and research paper presentation will be set up in theater style; round tables will be set up for all of the paper owners for roundtable sessions and extra chairs for the audience.

In oral presentations, the authors present the short form of their work, then the critics and comments were decelerated by audiences and session presidents. There will be four or five presentations in each season with 15 minutes of oral presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

In research paper presentations, authors present the short forms of their articles. Apart from the viewers, the chairpersons are in the form of a group. In sessions, 15 minutes of presentation, 10 minutes of session criticism and comments, and 5 minutes of viewer comments are given time. There are three presentations in one session.

At roundtable sessions; there is a high level of interaction opportunity among the presenters and the participants. Accepted papers are grouped by the organizing committee as 3-5 studies parallel to their interest areas. On each round table, a chair will be appointed parallel to the interest areas. Each session takes 90 minutes. The main aim is to discuss and improve the study in common with the chairperson and all the paper holders. Master and doctoral thesis proposals can also be sent for roundtable sessions.
Oral Presentation Writing Rules
Research Paper Presentation Writing Rules
Round Table Discussions Writing Rules